Southampton Student Houses to Rent
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1. How long will the contract be for?  
  For twelve months, from the start of July to the end of June in the following year.  
2. Will there be a summer rent reduction?  
  No (but do make sure when making comparisons that landlords offering summer reductions have not just spread the loss across the other months).  
3. What sort of contract will be used?  
  My preference, and it should be yours, is the Assured Shorthold contract supplied by the Accommodation Office at Southampton University.  
4. How much deposit is required? When is it required? And what happens to it?  
  The deposit is equal to one month's rent. It is required as an online transfer on the day you sign the contract. It will be held (as it is meant to be by law) in the Government's Deposit Protection Scheme.  
5. How and when will my rent be paid?  
  By Standing Order straight into my account on the first of each month. For the avoidance of confusion I never take cash. A process with an audit trail is safer for us both.  
6. Can I get out of the contract early?  
  No. You are committed for 12 months regardless of your personal circumstances. That said, if you wish to give up your contract and can replace yourself with a new tenant who is a student and who is acceptable to the other people in the house, there is every probability that I will let you do this. I have allowed this many times over the 20 plus years I have been a landlord and I have never known anybody unable to find a replacement for themselves. [There will be no charge for this.]  
7. Any other questions, just give me a ring....          
  All of my houses are well maintained and safe (e.g., have gas fired central heating and no other heating, linked mains smoke and heat alarms, mains CO alarm, modern MCB/RCD electrical boxes). Each house has a fridge/freezer and washing machine, together with standard furniture.